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2nd August 2011


Yeah, im gonna post it on here too…

It started out as us being friends and having them down for a tour cause we thought itd be fun, but as the tour progressed, we ended up coming home and not going because the booking agent screwed us over (which gives the meaning of their song FJK cause the guys name is Josh Kass, im sure you can guess what the “F” stands for). So we hopped on a bunch of local shows and they hung with us for 2 weeks straight. By the last show which we threw yesterday at our drummers house, we were all in tears. In that amount of time all of With Heart, Corruptor, and The Life We Knew became best friends. I had the honor of filling in for them the whole 2 weeks, and im proud to say that i got to because they are some of the most talented musicians i know. they left for PA literally about 12 hours ago and i miss them so much already. Its weird thinking that if we never would’ve gone to the studio at those exact dates we did and have the studio muff up the dates to where ours overlapped, we would have never known them. Fate’s crazy huh? Labor Day Weekend cant come soon enough.

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